SwiftShield - Sunstream's Newest Product Line


We are excited to announce the official launch of SunStream's new SwiftShield™ product line, including the fully automatic "A" series and semi-automatic "S" series.

Imagine covering and uncovering boats in seconds, and giving boats complete protection from the elements. No more hassling with multiple covers and painful snaps. No more hulls fading from the sun or needing to clean off debris from birds or insects. No more dreading the need to go back out to your boat and put the cover on at the end of the day.

With the "S" series you just unroll the cover from the front of the SwiftShield™, drape it over the boat and the system cinches it tight with the push of a button. The "S" series is the most versatile cover system in the industry working on all existing Sunstream lift products and virtually all other manufacturers lifts.

With canopies not allowed in many areas and canopies blocking many expensive waterfront views, the new SwiftShield™ boat protection system will open up new opportunities for all Sunstream dealers and give you another competitive advantage.

Orders being taken for delivery throughout the first quarter and full production scheduled for April 2016.

Ask us today! Call the office 603-293-4000!